To go to Italy for a few years to join the global cultural values, to heal, to learn is not a new idea. For several centuries, artists, writers, composers, or just yesterday’s students have done (and are) doing this for the completion of their education.

Reasons for relocation are obvious:

  • a wonderful climate which suits almost everyone;
  • geographical location – the peninsula is washed by five seas at once, from the north it is limited by the southern slopes of the Alps;
  • rich historical heritage, cultural values ​​of world importance;
  • stable economy;
  • social guarantees, especially for retirees;
  • loyalty to immigrants;
  • language is easy to study;
  • the possibility of free movement in the Schengen zone, subject to local registration.

Migration laws are quite complicated here, so we recommend to contact the experienced consultants who will assist in obtaining a residence permit when moving to Italy.

The main reasons for obtaining a residence permit in Italy

Italy is a member of the Schengen Treaty. There are four categories of visas – A, B, C and D. Visas of type A and B are transit and are not used for travel even for tourist purpose. The most popular are the tourist visa (category C) and a visa for long-term stay – more than 90 days in the main country and the same days in the countries of the Schengen agreement (category D). A long-term visa is necessary for the purpose of obtaining a residence permit in Italy.

According to Italian law, a foreigner is the owner of one of two statuses – a tourist or a resident.

The Ministry of Justice has developed a list describing the conditions for obtaining a residence permit when moving to Italy. This includes all possible causes – tourism, official and volunteer purposes, religious reasons, employment, etc. Only five of them serve as a basis for immigration:

  • business immigration or work of non-directing nature;
  • selected place of residence;
  • family reunification, including marriage with an Italian citizen;
  • adoption;
  • labor contract;
  • training;
  • political refuge.

How to get a residence permit in Italy, you need to think already at the stage of obtaining a visa. So, having received a visa for long study, you cannot apply for residence on the basis of “hired work.”

Foreign citizens can apply to the authorities for political asylum if they suffer persecution in their home country or in their country of residence, and the state does not guarantee their protection. It is necessary to prove that the purpose of resettlement under refugee status is to protect life from a real threat, and not the opportunity to move to a prosperous country. For this purpose, you need to provide a convincing photo and video content, newspaper publications, etc. The immigrant under refugee status is vested with all the rights that indigenous people have.

Types of temporary residence permits and their features

Contract employees and businessmen can receive the residence permit in Italy with the right to work. This also includes a study residence permit, which gives the right to employment within 20 hours a week.

It is difficult to receive a residence permit when working under a contract, but it is possible. The employer must conclude a contract with a potential employee if there is a quota for the required specialty, as well as guarantee the provision of housing and covering of transport costs in case of deportation. The status is not subject to cancellation in case of dismissal, but may be revoked if the foreigner does not fulfill the conditions of stay. Renewable in the prescribed manner. A residence permit for employment may also be used for self-employment.

It is easier to get a residence permit in Italy without the right to work. It applies to persons moving here for family reunification, and wealthy citizens who have sources of income outside the state. A family residence permit grants the right to work, study, use medical and social insurance. You can get it when you reunite with a resident who has lived here for at least 1 year.

Permanent residence in Italy for Russians

A temporary residence permit is issued for a year, and then it is renewed every two years until it reaches five years. After five years of residence, you can apply for permanent residency. It provides the applicant with all civil rights as indigenous people, with the exception of the election rights. You can enter, leave, stay in the European Union countries without any restrictions, use medical services and social guarantees.

After 10 years, you can apply for citizenship. It is required to have a stable income, own or rented housing, not to conflict with the law. The legislation of the country does not require the refusal of the original citizenship.

Business immigration

Business immigration refers to the process of obtaining a residence permit for self-employment. Italy is among the few countries in which it is allowed to open a business or acquire a ready-made one.

Business immigration provides several options for self-employment:

  • work as the businessman;
  • independent work of professionals which does not require the creation of an enterprise;
  • independent work as a member of the controlling body of an enterprise with the capital in Italy (is issued immediately for 3 years);
  • start-up;
  • work as the head of the representative office of a foreign company.

To open a business, you should have on the account an amount from 10 to 50 thousand euros, depending on the type of activity and work permit. The submitted business project must be attractive to the Italian economy, and at the same time, there are no requirements for creating jobs and increasing capital. The applicant has to have own or rented housing.

The peculiarity of the procedure is that the process of receiving details, necessary for activity is doomed to success. It can be shorter or longer, but at the end of the way, the applicant will have permission to enter and residence permit.

Business immigration is the best option that allows you to make a moving to Italy for permanent residence from Russia, as “hired labor” or “at the chosen place of residence” is easily converted into motive.

Under Italian legislation, the businessman can either move to Italy for the permanent residence alone, or with the whole family.

A special case of business immigration is immigration through investment. This is a way to move to the country under the simplified scheme.

It is required:

  • to invest € 2 million in the government securities for a period of 2 years;
  • to invest 1 million euros in Italian companies for a period of 2 years;
  • to support an innovative start-up in the amount of 500 thousand euros for a period of two years;
  • to donate 1 million euros for charities, including research, educational and environmental programs.

The golden visa entitles for a 2-year residence permit with the right to extend for 3 years. After five years of legal residence in the country, the applicant receives an indefinite residence permit and resident status

Selected place of residence

There are widespread rumors that in Italy a residence permit can be received when buying a property. The statement is incorrect, because the fact of the purchase of the real estate on its own does not give grounds for legalization, but it can serve as a good argument for obtaining a residence permit without the right to work.

The reason “Selected place of residence” is a good solution of the question how to move for Russian retirees who have a regular income outside the country, which will allow them to receive permanent residence in Italy without applying for jobs and without social support.



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