Commercial real estate in Barcelona is in constant demand – hotels, retail space, facilities for renovation, land for future construction and other objects are being bought here. High demand affects the price, in addition, the city itself is quite interesting – it is an object of cultural heritage with rich architecture. Tourism is developed here all year round, which favorably affects economic stability and the inflow of investors. According to statistics, the capital of Catalonia on investment bypasses such cities as Luxembourg, Rome, Brussels, and Madrid.

Those who want to buy the real estate in Barcelona count on the profitability of properties – the level fluctuates within 4.5–7% excluding taxes (the tax is equal to 25% of the profits). The experts of RPI SOLUTIONS will tell you how to purchase commercial objects here, help you to choose the best option and conduct the transaction in accordance with the current legislation. By the way, with a pledge in the form of a commercial platform, banks give credit for a mortgage at 2% per annum.

Those who are interested in reasonable prices for real estate in Barcelona, the ​​experts recommend paying attention to certain objects that in the future will only be more expensive. This means that profits can be obtained from the rental and from the subsequent sale. So, it is better to choose perspective properties on the streets of Rambla Catalunya and Paseo de Gracia, and also those that cross them – Avenida Diagonal, Mallorca, Valencia, Rosellón, Provenca, Aragón, Portal de Ángel, Diputacón y Gran Vía, Consejo de Ciento, Plaza Catalunya, calle Pelayo and Las Ramblas.

The benefits of investing in Spain

Those who do not really know why it is necessary to buy cheap real estate in Barcelona by the sea, the advantage of such investments should be appreciated. We are talking about opportunities for businessmen, profitable investments, stable economy. Each of these factors is a serious reason to pay attention to Barcelona.

Tourism is one of the pillars of the country’s economy. The popularity of Barcelona in this area is associated with a mild climate, political stability, and rich cultural heritage. Here you can buy a ready-made business that will bring considerable income. It is worth paying attention to all areas related to tourism – hotels, restaurants, transport, travel agencies, entertainment, and sports facilities.

The investment benefit is caused by the annual increase in prices for commercial areas in Barcelona. This growth is up to 10%. Considering the prospects of economic development, experts predict an increase in prices for construction projects. Therefore, while the prices have not yet flown up, it is time to invest your finances in a really worthwhile business.

Economic freedom is the principle thanks to which the businessmen are going to Spain. This means that there is no need to issue a permit for commercial activity if it is not related to transport, communications and industry. You do not even need to be a citizen of the country and pay fees. Non-residents here have the same rights as local residents.

The cost of 1 m2 of the commercial area starts from 500-600 euros, while the price hikes depend on several factors. First, this is a good location (coast, old town, sights, historical sites nearby). Second, this is a purpose – you can buy space for a supermarket, cafe, hotel, etc.

If you plan to buy something cheap from real estate in Barcelona, please contact our experts.



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