Many people dream of living in Europe, for some it remains a dream, while others persistently achieve their goal of obtaining a residence permit and subsequently citizenship of the chosen country. You can achieve this result in different ways – to invest large sums of money, to buy the real estate, to get married, or to go to study. There are opportunities for every taste and budget, it remains only to find out where it is easier to get a residence permit in Europe.

The residence permit is a plastic card, in the presence of which you can, without being a citizen of a foreign state, permanently live in its territory. Such status allows to apply for full-time residence and obtaining the status of a citizen. The presence of a residence permit in the European Union gives the following advantages:

  • the possibility of living in the territory;
  • the chance to find a job legally;
  • the permission to conduct business;
  • moving around EU countries without having to apply for a visa;
  • education, including free;
  • rent and purchase of real estate;
  • opening a deposit and receiving loans;
  • medical services of European quality;
  • a chance to obtain citizenship in the future.

How can Russian get a residence permit in Europe

Before receiving a residence permit in a European country, you need to decide what advantages and disadvantages of living are in the different states, so you do not regret about the moving and time spent on all efforts. So, when choosing a particular country, you need to pay attention to factors such as:

  • culture and mentality of residents. Russians feel more comfortable in a Slavic society where there are similar holidays, habits and behavioral standards;
  • availability of jobs with fair wages. Regardless of the moving reason, you need to consider whether there is a possibility to find a job in the chosen country in the future;
  • quality of ecology. There is no sense to leave the dust and dirt of your city for the industrial area abroad;
  • low crime rate. This parameter does not need comments;
  • the ability to travel around Europe without a visa. The countries included in the Schengen zone, provide free travel through them (Poland and Germany, Austria and Slovakia, the Czech Republic, etc.). Some EU countries are not included in it. Having settled here, it will not be possible to travel to other countries without a visa.

Where to plan for permanent residence in Europe

In addition to the factors listed above, it is necessary to assess the standard of living in the country, tax rates, availability of access to the sea, social security, food prices, and consumer goods, utilities. If to consider reviews on the Internet about a residence permit in Europe (where it is easier and cheaper), Spain, Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Norway are considered the most favorable in terms of quality of life. From the other countries, Canada, USA, Australia, and the UK lead. Despite all the advantages of these countries, when it comes to paperwork and the existence of a basis for a residence permit in Europe, many people face problems. Therefore, it is worthwhile to consider those states where you can find a compromise between your own desires and requirements for immigrants.

The easiest option of resettlement is based on ethnicity, following it – immigration to relatives living abroad. If you have enough money, you can invest a specific amount in the national economy or buy expensive real estate to get citizenship without problems (Portugal, Malta, Greece, Cyprus, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Hungary). Unfortunately, those who do not have enough money to invest, do not have relatives abroad, and other benefits that give the right for resettlement most often want to immigrate. But in this case, there is a way out. The nuances of obtaining a residence permit in some countries are listed below.

Residence of Greece and Latvia

The easiest option to become a resident of Greece is to buy real estate here starting from 250 thousand euros. After that, it is possible not to live in the country, and the residence is not lost from it. It is important to update the residence permit every 5 years. If you live in the country the most part of months in a year, after 7 years you can expect a permanent residence in the EU. A residence permit in Greece will provide a visa-free regime with the Schengen countries.

What gives a residence permit in Europe when it comes to Latvia? The opportunity to live in the conditions of European laws, where many people still remember the Russian language. It remains only to indicate a strong reason for moving and prove that you are not sick with tuberculosis. If both requirements are satisfied, it remains only to pay about 300 euros for the processing of the application, that’s all. An additional requirement is the knowledge of the Latvian language (A2 level). It is advisable to take courses in advance. Good reasons to settle here are the existence of the property, the desire to invest in the economy, education or business in Latvia, treatment in local health centers.

Registration in Cyprus and Austria

Residence in Cyprus can be received immediately by buying real estate at a price starting from 300 thousand euros. In addition, you need to transfer 30 thousand euros to your local bank account and to submit certificates, including the amount of annual income. The procedure can be carried out without a presence in the country. If there are available 2 million euros, you can invest them in real estate of the island and immediately arrange to move to Europe for permanent residence.

As for Austria, a residence permit gives here the right to travel all over Schengen countries without a visa. You can make a residence here as an independent investor or as a manager. The first option requires evidence of financial solvency in an amount sufficient for a comfortable life in the country. Additionally, you must specify a residence permit, prove the German language skills (A1), show the insurance. The list is not so big, but you need to arrange the documents correctly. The financial confirmation should contain information about the assets (per adult – 40 thousand euros, per child – 10 thousand euros) on an account in Austrian or another international bank. The second option is provided for managers of Austrian companies, receiving at least 2500 euros per month. In this case, the consideration of the application lasts for about 3 months. 10 years later after obtaining a residence permit, you can apply for citizenship.

How to receive documents in Spain and Bulgaria

When planning a moving to Europe and deciding where to go, you can choose between Spain and Bulgaria. You can participate in the Golden Visa – Spanish program by submitting the documents on the ownership of the local real estate, but living in the country for more than 6 months is fraught with high taxes. To purchase real estate, you need to spend about 500 thousand euros. Prolonging the status every 2 years, after 5 years, you can count on a permanent residence, and when it will pass 10 years – on citizenship. Only to receive a Spanish passport, you must renounce your previous citizenship.

Most often, the answer to the question where it is easier and cheaper to receive a permanent residence in Europe is in Bulgaria. It is enough to invest 500 thousand euros in the country’s bonds to become a resident in 6–9 months. Subsequently, you can return the money, namely in 5 years – so much time you need to own securities. Residents of Bulgaria travel without visas over the Schengen countries and get all the rights of local residents with the exception of voting in elections. Citizenship is granted here 2 years later after obtaining resident status.

RPI Solutions company provides professional legal assistance to those who wish to move abroad legally. Experts know the details of the legislation of the different countries, will help you to choose the best option, to prepare documents and to receive the desirable status without delays and claims. Contact consultants to learn more useful information on a matter of concern.



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