Today, many businessmen set a goal to improve the efficiency of their business, competitive ability, by reducing financial expenses. It is possible to solve such a problem by means of tax optimization, one of the popular ways is to open offshore companies.
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Certainly, the special taxation conditions are a clear advantage in offshore zones. Offshore zones for business operations are created by the states to attract foreign capital on their territory by granting tax benefits or tax exemptions, as well as establishing a simplified procedure for obtaining registration and corporate activities.

Tax optimization can improve business efficiency, reach a competitive level and at the same time cut down expenses, and one of the most popular ways to achieve the goal is to register offshore companies. Such an option will make it easy to enter the international investment financial market. And all that is necessary is to register a company in a certain country where the tax exemptions are provided.

There are different schemes which are to be chosen based on the company’s activities, scope, and prospects. For example, large holdings in Europe reduce the taxable base by opening the company through which certain risks are insured. Partially, the profit of the company is transferred as insurance premiums, and further, the money comes to the holding as loans. Such scheme saves the company’s budget. Considering the Russian taxation, business profitability in many industries can be increased only if to open a company in offshore.

The choice of the country for opening a company is the subject to the conditions of local taxation. In a number of the states, the simplified business registration schemes are achieved, tax exemptions or privileges are provided. A number of states of the Caribbean and some other regions of the world completely exempt from taxation the financial transactions outside the country (the so-called classic offshore companies), and some (for example, Hong Kong) are completely exempted under the certain conditions of possession of the companies and its legal form. To get all listed advantages, you need to make the right choice and correctly prepare the documents.

The most popular destinations are Scotland, Cyprus and Hong Kong. In Scotland, the loyal taxation is provided, which, against the background of a stable economy and the freedom to conduct commercial activities, gives a lot of prospects to Russian businessmen. In Cyprus, the registration of the company is carried out under a simplified scheme, and the tax rate is reduced to the minimum, in addition, there is an agreement on the exclusion of double taxation. Similar conditions are available in Hong Kong, and additional benefits can be obtained by working with Asian partners.

Specialists of RPI Solutions offer persons interested to open a company abroad the real help in a complex of services. Our lawyers will help to choose a direction, complete the paperwork and register a company. Additionally, you can get advice on reporting, obtaining a residence permit in the selected country and other issues.



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