Legal support concerning taxation, comprehensive verification of tax obligations, examination of transactions and contracts, optimization of the taxation system, development of tax policy and setting up a tax accounting system in accordance with the law, drawing up tax calculations and declarations, return and refund of the VAT.

Service Benefits

  • We have many years of practical experience and a large number of successful cases.
  • We offer reasonable and affordable prices for the services provided in Moscow.
  • We guarantee the confidentiality of information received and transmitted to our specialists for processing, as well as the high quality of the services provided.
  • Over the years of work, we have formed a well-coordinated scheme of work with state institutions, which allows us to minimize the periods of legally conducted transactions.

Turning to the lawyers of the company, you can always count on a positive result of solving your problem, since our knowledge and many years of practical experience are the best arguments for providing high-quality legal services.

At the moment, the scope of taxation is a fairly complex system, primarily due to the constant changes in the legislation which is difficult to follow. To reduce all risks to a minimum, to comply with all necessary norms and laws, as well as to understand the intricacies of the Tax Code, you should pay attention to tax consulting.

Tax consulting (TC) is a specialized group of services provided by our company, which are directed to create the most optimal system for paying taxes and fees under existing legislation.

The main directions of the TC:

  • accounting;
  • diagnostics of the existing risks;
  • consultation on tax questions;
  • audit;
  • choice of the tax accounting system;
  • work with documents;
  • resolving tax disputes;
  • planning, development of recommendations;
  • accompanying tax audits;
  • representing the interests of the customer, etc.

Such service as legal tax consulting is necessary not only for large companies, anyone can face problems in this area, and often without outside assistance is quite difficult to understand all the nuances. Consulting in the field of taxation is necessary for the legal optimization and minimization of tax payments. This allows any organization to operate successfully and safely in accordance with current legislation.

Benefits of tax consulting:

  • the safe and most effective tax planning scheme;
  • reduction or complete elimination of tax risks;
  • receiving the professional consultations concerning all questions relating to taxation.

Our company offers such service as tax consulting on the most favorable conditions. We guarantee an individual approach to each client and are ready to provide both the full range of tax consulting services in Moscow and its separate directions. Our company is a team of true professionals who possess all the necessary knowledge, skills and experience in order to perform their work at the highest level. We want your business to flourish and grow in accordance with current legislation.



Affairs won the courts for the recognition of ownership of real estate: in Spain, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Panama, Britain, Austria, France


Transactions conducted large corporate transactions, at the end of 2018


Clients defended the right to political asylum with our qualified help.


Real estate objects issued at the end of 2018


Clients issued a residence permit in 9 states

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