Our main reference is legal services abroad! We are engaged in the solution of various issues for 15 years. Our team consists of professional and certified lawyers.

The services which we provide

The team of professionals provides legal services abroad. The list includes the following services:

  • registration and liquidation of the offshore companies;
  • we help to obtain the licenses in offshore zones;
  • the bankruptcy of the legal entities;
  • international consulting.
  • conducting the cases in European and Latin American courts.

Each lawyer in our company possesses the main theoretical knowledge in the legal sphere and the valuable practical skills put into practice.

How to choose a company?

By the year 2018 more and more different swindlers appear in the country. Also, people are deceived by law firms. In order not to meet such an agency, it is important to know a few simple recommendations.

  1. Do not contact a lone specialist. A narrowly focused specialist will not provide you with full support in comparison with a large company.
  2. Pay attention to the website of the company. Especially on the part with feedbacks.
  3. It is not worth saving in this matter. Lawyer services are an important part of your business development or private affair. Furthermore, most of the swindlers offer a variety of services for tipping money.

Why we?

Today, there are many legal companies that provide legal assistance abroad. We offer you to contact our company for assistance. And that are the reasons:

  • during its lifetime, more than 89% of all cases were won;
  • more than 60% of all applied clients continue to cooperate;
  • we completely fulfill all obligations.

Our numerous feedbacks testify to these advantages.

To receive a service of the lawyer abroad – call us directly, or order a callback on the website.



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Affairs won the courts for the recognition of ownership of real estate: in Spain, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Panama, Britain, Austria, France


Transactions conducted large corporate transactions, at the end of 2018


Clients defended the right to political asylum with our qualified help.


Real estate objects issued at the end of 2018


Clients issued a residence permit in 9 states

I had a big problem with la Banque Société Générale in Paris, my personal account had been open for many years, the Bank had always friendly operatives, it was a solid bank, and suddenly they changed. Without explaining the reasons, they suspended the operations on my card and my account, they set up a lot of requirements and questions about my first homeland… For a whole week, I could not get anything from the representatives of the Bank and I could not have done it alone, I think. On the advice of my friends, I spoke to the lawyers at RPI Solutions. The next day, the lawyer arrived, he solved all my problems at the bank in three hours. I recommend this company to everyone!
VladimirMore reviews
An international tax audit was being carried out for a branch of ours abroad, in Portugal. I have known RPI Solutions since the time of registration of my company and thereafter the same company registered the other branches. The time came to deal with tax issues. The auditors of the Company worked conscientiously - they studied all my accounting and gave their recommendations. Now, I really pay less taxes, and I’ve settled my accounting issues. I plan to contact them periodically for an audit. It is better to pay a good auditor once and then save on excessively paid taxes.
Guzel Khismatullina, company Director TeamsoftMore reviews