Business with foreign partners quite often is followed by disputable situations because of a difference in the legislation, mentality, etc. To prevent or resolve such situations, it is necessary to know the norms of Russian and foreign legislation. Considering their quantity and constant changes, it’s unreal to understand independently this area. In practice, the services of a lawyer in international affairs will help to reduce the risk of a business. If you have questions related to international relations, you need a practicing expert who is knowledgeable in the law and has experience in this field.

The international consulting center RPI SOLUTIONS offers assistance to businessmen in London, Panama City and other cities around the world. Russian businessmen contact the Moscow office if it is necessary to settle controversial issues, the representation in government agencies, courts, etc. Cooperation with us may not be limited to a single project, we are ready to provide support on a long-term basis.

Who our legal services will be suitable for

Knowing all the nuances of international law, lawyers of our company offer assistance to Russian and foreign companies in the territory of the Russian Federation and in the countries around the world. Regardless of the stage of the conflict, we are ready to find a solution, including non-standard, in order to reduce legal risks. The international lawyer will help in the following matters:

preparation, analysis, the conclusion of international agreements and contracts;

  • attracting investors and partners from near and far abroad;
  • preparation of investment projects;
  • placements of the investments in other countries;
  • organization of business trips abroad;
  • protection in arbitration courts;
  • acquisition of the foreign real estate;
  • registration of companies abroad, in the offshore, etc.

In the field of international law, consultations are often necessary for individuals. Opening an account, purchasing the real estate, obtaining citizenship, sharing property and other issues will be resolved quickly and efficiently. Timely assistance of a specialist will protect interests, prevent loss of time and excessive expenses.

What do we offer to our clients?

If you need a lawyer on international law, the services of RPI SOLUTIONS specialists are the best choice. When you contact us, you can count on confidentiality, fair prices, competent representation of the interests in the courts abroad. By contacting our offices abroad or a representative office in Moscow, the clients can count on:

  • settlement of disputes in the field of private law;
  • consultation on questions of current laws in any country;
  • transaction support;
  • careful analysis of the situation;
  • preparation of expert opinion;
  • selection of a winning position in a case;
  • an assessment of the prospects for a settlement of the dispute before the court or in the judicial authority;
  • formation of evidence base and protection in international arbitration;
  • appeals against decisions in higher instances.

Sign up to us at a convenient time for a consultation

As soon as the necessity for the services of an international lawyer arises, you can visit our office after signing up for a consultation by phone. Consulting center specialists will determine the range of tasks and will choose effective methods and tools for their solution. For certain orders, you can immediately specify the date of performance. Sometimes you can consult by phone or online if the question does not require personal presence in the office.

The specialists of various specializations are in the staff of the company, that allows in each case to contact a professional with rich practical experience in a particular field. Already at the consultation stage, it is possible to determine the main tasks, approximate terms, and cost of the services, as well as enter into an agreement. After that, experts will immediately apply to a task. On the website, you can get acquainted with the range of services from the sphere of legal support of citizens of Russia and the CIS in private and commercial matters abroad. At the request of the client, an appointment can be made at our overseas offices or any other place. To learn more about our opportunities in the field of law you can from our consultants.


Affairs won the courts for the recognition of ownership of real estate: in Spain, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Panama, Britain, Austria, France


Transactions conducted large corporate transactions, at the end of 2018


Clients defended the right to political asylum with our qualified help.


Real estate objects issued at the end of 2018


Clients issued a residence permit in 9 states

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