Professional assistance to business owners and senior managers in identifying management problems, their analysis, making recommendations for solving them, diagnosing and updating the management system, increasing the efficiency of collective activities, achieving the predicted parameters for increasing profitability and profits.

  • We have many years of practical experience and a large number of successful cases.
  • We offer reasonable and affordable prices for the services provided in Moscow.
  • We guarantee the confidentiality of information received and transmitted to our specialists for processing, as well as the high quality of the services provided.
  • Over the years of work, we have formed a well-coordinated scheme of work with state institutions, which allows us to minimize the periods of legally conducted transactions.

Turning to the lawyers of the company, you can always count on a positive result of solving your problem, since our knowledge and many years of practical experience are the best arguments for providing high-quality legal services.

Business consulting is a professional activity, which is based on advising managers in such areas as:

  • financial;
  • commercial;
  • legal;
  • technological;
  • technical;
  • expert.

The ultimate goal of consulting is to help the management system to achieve its objectives.

Business consulting includes five main services:

  1. Business assessment. There are analysis and evaluation of the work of the company, identifying the reasons for the decline in profitability, exploring sales markets, as well as identifying areas that need to be improved. After the visit of the consultants (advisers), the business mechanisms begin to work in the new mode and put the activities of the enterprise in order.
  2. Preparation of a plan to improve the business. It is based on phased actions to improve the company’s activity and increase profits. It takes into account human resources and opportunities of the enterprise of financial and economic nature.
  3. Creation of a marketing plan. It is characterized by the active promotion of the product to the market. A search for new media channels and optimization of the advertising budget is being carried out. Competent provision of the product on the market and productive contact with the target audience will ensure the successful promotion of products.
  4. Assistance in personnel management. The service contributes to improving the quality of management, the establishment of operational communication between departments. There is the elimination of unnecessary information flows. And also personnel changes can occur.
  5. Business development consulting. Advisors provide recommendations to all who need them, ranging from directors and ending with the company’s watchmen.

Consulting services are useful both for companies with specific problems and for companies seeking to improve and modernize their activities.

Collaboration with the consultants on a regular basis will allow you to conduct a full audit, as well as identify weaknesses and shortcomings at the initial stage.

Modern business is characterized by constant changes taking place in a fast and non-stop rhythm. The ability to change strategic and tactical actions in time is the key to the successful development of the company.

By contacting us, a company with 15 years of experience, a large number of implemented projects, as well as the presence of regular partners of large and well-known companies, you can get a professional business consulting service.


Affairs won the courts for the recognition of ownership of real estate: in Spain, Belgium, Italy, Greece, Portugal, Panama, Britain, Austria, France


Transactions conducted large corporate transactions, at the end of 2018


Clients defended the right to political asylum with our qualified help.


Real estate objects issued at the end of 2018


Clients issued a residence permit in 9 states

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