France is one of the most prosperous EU countries. It is confirmed by the standard of living, the absence of bureaucratic barriers and corruption. Each Russian whose life in the homeland has become unbearable can apply for political asylum in France. The requirements for migrants are strict – the reason for the escape must be confirmed by a sufficient amount of evidence (references, audio, and video recordings). People who in the country of accommodation are persecuted for political, religious or other reasons may ask for protection from the French authorities. Political motives are unlikely for Russians, as France does not consider Russia a country where the dissent is persecuted. The remaining reasons need to be proved by real facts, unsupported allegations from foreigners are not taken into account.

How to act correctly to receive political asylum in France?

The decision to go for political asylum to France for the Russian people is associated with protection from persecution, the right to stay in a stable country for a long time, the opportunity to find a job officially. Indeed, refugees are equal in rights with the citizens of the country. Having an official status, Russian can:

  • invite the family;
  • register children in kindergarten, a school for free;
  • get free education in France;
  • travel to the countries other than where his life was under the threat;
  • get a number of benefits, including free use of public transport.

To get all the benefits of receiving political asylum in France, you need to start by submitting an application. The document can be submitted in your own country, on the border with France or being on its territory. In the homeland, you should contact the consul at the embassy. The decisions are made at the Ministry of the Interior, also OFPRA (Special Department for Refugees) is engaged in consideration of the petition. Having received a special visa, you can go to France and visit the prefecture there to continue the procedure. If you have a visa it is allowed to get a job.

If to submit a request at the border, you will have to wait for a decision on the possibility of entering the country. Expectation can last up to 20 days, which the applicant spends in a special center. If the affirmative answer is given, it is necessary to register within 8 days in the prefecture, if the answer is negative, you can appeal to the administrative court.

How to apply for political asylum in France correctly?

Before asking for political asylum in France, the applicants prepare a number of documents. The absence of some papers is not a serious violation since it is assumed that the persecuted person was in a hurry, and did not have time for that. Therefore, some documents can be brought, and to get in the prefecture the rest ones. The applicants for refugee status collect the following package of documents:

  • an application which is issued in French (the translator is provided by the authorities);
  • 4 photos which are taken according to certain requirements;
  • confirmation of the civil status;
  • tickets by which the applicant arrived in the country;
  • confirmation of the existence of the place of residence (including social housing for refugees) for subsequent receiving of correspondence.

All those who are coming for political asylum in France (for Russian citizen the procedure is the same as for residents of other countries) undergo a mandatory fingerprinting procedure.

The process of receiving the desired legal status

It is better for those who are going to seek political asylum in France to ask in advance, how compatriots get the status. For example, you should not refer to political persecution because it is rare for Russia. Although some opposition members manage to get protection from potential judicial proceedings and imprisonment. If to adopt the experience of such compatriots, you will have to present strong evidence of unlawful persecution by the Russian authorities. Otherwise, instead of approving the petition, extradition threatens.

The most common reason for asking the political asylum in France for Russians is harassment by criminals or other individuals when the only way out is to escape to another country.

Regardless of the reasons, the political asylum procedure consists of the following events.

  1. Registration and submission of the application with attached evidence. The application is submitted to the prefecture immediately after arrival in the country. If you delay, the status of an illegal immigrant is assigned, and the procedure becomes complicated up to refusal and deportation.
  2. Receiving permission for temporary residence in the country, as well as an identity document. The validity of the documents lasts while there is a consideration of the application.
  3. The assignment of the desired status or refusal with a return to the homeland.

All stages of the procedure for those wishing to receive political asylum in Paris are free of charge (funded by the authorities). The applicant only has to pay the visa (if the application is submitted in his country) and the services of a lawyer (if it is necessary). The representatives of the prefecture and the special OFII service are engaged in the provision of housing, material support. The applicants for refugee status can rely on medical assistance, registration of children in school, allowance for each family member.

Important! If the applicant refuses the proposed social housing, he loses the opportunity to receive an allowance and other social benefits.

Terms of consideration of applications

Before asking for political asylum, France should be studied by the applicant in terms of further residence, employment, culture, and other factors. If you plan to go to this country forever, you should know what to prepare for. Perhaps while it is not too late it is worth making a choice in favor of another state.

Most often, applicants submit an application, having already arrived for political asylum in France (how to get a visa in the country is described above). Terms depend on the behavior of the migrant and compliance with all requirements for applicants. So, you must initially register at the point where all applicants for refugee status are accepted. Here, OFII employees will need some time to study the submitted personal information and to determine the status of the applicant. The next stage is the “Dublin” procedure, which consists in determining the country which is obliged to accept a refugee.

As it was mentioned in other articles, applicants are strongly recommended to go immediately to the desired country, avoiding the preliminary passage of the borders of European states. Otherwise, the application will be redirected to the country which border was crossed the first. After determining the state, employees of the prefecture send a notification to the applicant with the result (transfer to another country or the certificate of the current status in France).

The received certificate should be extended after 7 days for 1 month, then for 3 months, and then for a certain period, while the application is being considered. The period for consideration of applications for political asylum in France for Russian is from 6 to 18 months. In the case of an accelerated procedure, it is reduced to 15 days. If there is no response from the authorities after 9 months, it is allowed to get a job, while social support remains in force until a verdict on refugee status is issued.

How to submit an appeal in case of refusal?

Having learned how to get political asylum in France you can in advance to prepare for possible refusal. Notification can be sent by mail to the specified contact address. In case of an affirmative decision, the applicant is given the refugee status, while a negative decision can be appealed to the administrative court. The appeal is submitted within 30 days after the received response from the OFPRA service.

The appeal is sent to the administrative court by mail or fax. The document is issued arbitrarily in French. Detailed information on the applicant is surely specified. A copy of the refusal from OFPRA and documents identifying the claimant’s identity shall be attached to the application. The result will be received in the form of a call to a public hearing or refusal to revise the verdict of the service for migrants.

The received court decision is not yet a reason to give up. You can appeal to the State Council. It will require the assistance of a lawyer because during the procedure a foreigner should no longer remain in the country.

If you are going to France to get political asylum, you need to estimate your chances for a positive response realistically and prepare a number of documents that are mandatory for Russian applicants. The specialists of RPI SOLUTIONS are ready to help those who are going to leave for France and other EU countries for refugee status. Call us to make an appointment!



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